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Técnico Ambassadors Programme

Técnico Ambassadors Programme, part of the Técnico Promotion Programme, was created in 2015 as a result of the motivation of several Técnico students to return to the school where they studied and to share their university experience with the younger students. In the following editions, the programme revealed its great potential and quickly positioned itself as a opportunity to develop skills for these students, enriching and reinforcing the projection of Técnico in the center of the country. 

What are the goals?

Being in constant development over the years, the following objectives stand out:

  • To consolidate the promotion and dissemination of our faculty among high school students, namely through the clarification of questions about Técnico’s bachelor and masters programmes,  infrastructures and activities;
  • Develop skills in the areas of communication, public presentation and marketing;
  • Provide Ambassadors with a range of curriculum enrichment and networking experiences while making them more involved in their faculty.

Who are the Ambassadors?

Técnico Ambassadors are Bachelors, Masters and Integrated Masters students from both Alameda and Taguspark campi who have attended a degree at Técnico for at least one year, who voluntarily accompany NAPE in various outreach activities.

We are looking for dynamic and communicative people who will enjoy supporting young students in choosing their future, inspiring them and clarifying all their questions.

How does it work?

The programme lasts one academic year, starting with the recruitment and training process during the first semester, intensifying in the second semester with daily actions at high schools in the center of the country (mostly in the morning), fairs and visits to the Alameda campus.


At the beginning of the programme, a set of mandatory Initial Trainning Sessionsis given to prepare the Ambassadors for the topics covered in the promotion actions such as:

  • Applications to Higher Education
  • Técnico’s programmes 
  • Good Promoting Practices
  • Técnico’s Activities and Projects

Also included in the Initial Trainning Sessions, there is a playful activity for knowledge consolidation and a practical activity with simulations, being a training moment and an opportunity to receive real-time feedback and improve skills. These activities may be repeated in the middle of the 2nd semester to review and update knowledge and to promote networking among the entire team of Ambassadors.

Further on, there are optional Complementary Trainning Sessions, exclusive to Técnico’s Ambassadors, in communication areas such as: public presentation, pitch, marketing, digital marketing, among others.


Our Ambassadors receive a T-shirt from Técnico, as well as a badge to accompany NAPE at:

*These activities are dependent of the current pandemic situation


Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation and may also see the activity recognized in the Diploma Completion Supplement if they participate in a minimum set of activities and complete the Final Evaluation Report, which is essential to the success and continuity of the program. Check all the information in the programme rules!


How can I apply?

The applications period for the Ambassadors Programme usually takes place between September and October and is announced on the NAPE website and social networks. Motivation, experience and availability of the candidate are the main evaluated aspects.

Applications for the 7th Edition of the Técnico Ambassadors Programme run from October 19 to October 31, 2021.

For more information, contact us at

Técnico Ambassadors Programme was recognized in 2019 as a Técnico Best Practice in the Comunication category.

Check here the presentation held at the 3rd ObservIST Meeting.