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International Students

Orientation Week

Técnico receives, every year, around 1500 international students from all around the world. The Orientation Week, organized in each semester, is full of activities and events during to create an ideal opportunity to get to know Técnico, Lisbon and our amazing gastronomy.

During the Reception Days, our team of Mentors, older Técnico’s students, will welcome and support the new international students in order to facilitate their integration and will be available to help them during their entire stay in Lisbon.

If you are an International Student learn more about this incredible week at the Orientation Week official website!


We are waiting for you!


Survival Guide

We created the Survival Guide to help international students experience a smooth transition to Técnico and city as well as provide guidance and support whilst they are here. This guide includes information about accommodation, transportation, and daily routine of Técnico and cultural activities.


If you are an international student and still have any issue or concern don’t hesitate to contact us! You can find us daily at Técnico’s Main Building reception.

International Students Reception, jointly with Mobility and International Cooperation Office, was recognized , in 2019, as a Técnico Best Practice in the category InternationalizationCheck here the presentation held at the 3rd ObservIST Meeting.

Survival Guide was recognized, in 2020, as a Técnico Best Practice in the category Communicationat the 3rd ObservIST Meeting.