Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Apoio ao Estudante

NAPE Student Staff

In the scope of its mission, the Student Support Unit has a team of Students and Staff members dedicated to the pursuit of its objectives on behalf of the entire community.

The Students of NAPE are students of Instituto Superior Técnico, in Alameda and Taguspark, benefiting from a Scientific Initiation Scholarship. The coordination is also assisted by Science and Technology Management Support grant holders.

Work Plan:

NAPE carries out several activities on behalf of the whole academic community of Técnico and also with potential candidates to Técnico, throughout the academic year, and which can be divided into five major areas:

  • Técnico’s Student Support Programme;
  • Program of Promotion of Técnico, in particular among high school students, all over the country;
  • Implementation of protocols in the area of science and technology, in engineering, architecture and mathematics;
  • Support to specific activities of Técnico’s management bodies, in the various campi, and also of the University of Lisbon;
  • Support to other complementary activities.