Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Apoio ao Estudante

About NAPE


The Student Support Unit (NAPE) is a central office, integrated in the Communication, Image and Marketing Area (ACIM) of Técnico Management Board, and its mission is to promote the integration of Técnico students, supporting and developing projects that contribute to the academic success, development of skills, and effective involvement of its academic community. It is also NAPE’s responsibility to bring Técnico closer to pre-university students by stimulating their interest in Science and publicizing its undergraduate and masters programmes, privileging personalized service and follow-up.


  • Reception and Integration of new students of 1st Year, 2nd Cycle and international or mobility students (ERASMUS, InnoEnergy, ATHENS, among others), following the first steps of these students, namely in the registration process during the Reception Week and the Orientation Week, also promoting the Mentoring Program, as a support program among peers.
  • Promotion of Técnico to potential candidates, making known its formative offer, infrastructure and support services, extracurricular activities and projects, and the admissions procedures. During the year, our team conducts Visits to Secondary Schools and Education Fairs, also receiving students at Técnico, in Individual Visits, School Group or open days and events. The Técnico Promotion Programme also includes the Técnico Ambassadors Programme, so that it can provide the best support to those who wish to choose to study at Técnico, transmitting as much information as possible in order to allow an autonomous and reasoned decision making.
  • Development of technical and transversal skills to complement the training that Técnico students acquire in their course. Typical examples of training actions in hard-skills are workshops on tools such as Matlab, Excel, Latex, Illustrator, Python, or work methodologies such as Lean or Scrum. Time Management, Pitch, Leadership, Job Interviews are topics covered in workshops focused on soft-skills, and there is even room for other topics such as Healthy Cooking, Debating Techniques, Financial Markets, IRS and Taxes, among many more. NAPE Skills Factory is our main skills development activity, accompanied by training and workshops for Mentors, Ambassadors, NAPE Members, and Monitors at Verão na ULisboa, which approach several of these themes in the context of the respective programs. 
  • Accompaniment and Support of candidates, students and alumni in questions related to the entrance and experience in our Faculty, by helpdesk in the Mail Building Reception (Alameda campus), telephone, e-mail and social networks. Academic procedures, Técnico’s services, applications, events and activities, are part of the portfolio of information provided daily, as well as the forwarding of students to the correct support services. Together with other Técnico structures, Students with Special Educational Needs (ENEE) also benefit from NAPE support in their academic career.
  • Promotion of Science among students of Basic and Secondary Education and Senior Universities, awakening interest in Science and seeking to stimulate scientific thinking. Along with the Técnico Promotion Programme, it is also NAPE’s responsibility to show what is being done in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology to these target audiences, with activities such as the Verão na ULisboa, Engenheiras por um dia, Engineering Challenges (junior and senior), in addition to experiments or laboratory demonstrations at schools, fairs or events, made possible by the protocols established with various entities such as municipalities, schools, public bodies and associations, celebrated every school year.
  • Support to institutional events of Técnico and the University of Lisbon, such as ceremonies, conferences, celebrations, cultural events, examples being the Graduation Day, the Técnico Day, Alumni Talks, Técnico’s Music Season or the Opening of the ULisboa Academic Year.