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NAPE Skills Factory

NAPE Skills Factory is a semestral cycle of workshops that seeks to work on new skills and complement the knowledge acquired during the students’ academic career.

The workshops organised in this initiative address topics aimed at the development of soft skills, such as communication and leadership skills, but also hard skills, including technical tools such as Matlab, Excel, Latex, Illustrator, among others. To complete these themes, the participants are also challenged to leave their comfort zone, with more out-of-the-box themes, from healthy cooking, basic life support or even how organize personal tax duties.

It is a free of charge event intended for the entire academic community of Técnico and the University of Lisbon to participate, upon payment of a deposit which is returned at the end of each workshop. Each one of them is promoted by entities or people of relevance in the area, so that the participants can have the best possible use in a practical learning environment.

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NAPE Skills Factory was recognized in 2019 as a Best Practice of Técnico in the category of Human Resources.

Check here in the presentation held at the 3rd Meeting of ObservIST.