Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Apoio ao Estudante

Important Documents


The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycles and Integrated Cycles Calendar defines the beginning and end of the following school year activities: class period, exam period (regular period, appeal period and special period), holidays and exams preparation time. 

The Calendar of Academic Deadlines defines the periods of execution of various secretarial procedures related to the admissions to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles, enrollment, registration (Fénix system, improvements enrollments and isolated curricular units), among others.


Academic Guide

The Academic Guide collects all Técnico operating rules, fees, tuition and academic regulations in force for each school year. Among the most consulted by students are the following:

  • Regulation of Admission Procedures to the 1st Cycle, which defines the application requirements,  namely the Course Change and Transfer, among others;
  • Knowledge and Skills Assessment Regulation which defines the outline of the Assessment and Evaluation Methods of the Curricular Units of all degrees;
  • Special Examination Period Regulations in which students entitled to this evaluation period are mentioned.

Enrollment Statement

The Enrollment Statement proves that you are enrolled in a Técnico degree, in a given school year and is made available during the first weeks of classes in September, in Portuguese and English, in the personal area of ​​each student’s Técnico Drive (accessed with your Técnico ID).

The document has a digital signature that is legally valid with all national services and entities (e.g., for military purposes, for family allowance, public transport monthly card, health insurance). More information on document certification can be found here.

If your Enrollment Statement is not available on your drive, please request it from the Undergraduate Office. You can make the request by e-mail to

Técnico Card

The Técnico Card identifies you as a member of the academic community and is endowed with a number of features including access to buildings control, car parks and the use of cost-effective printing and copying systems. It is issued by Santander Bank, and it is possible to associate a bank account.

You can request it from Fénix, in the Personal tab > Técnico Card.

Once shipped, you can pick it up at the Santander Bank desk in the Main Building (Alameda campus) from 11:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 16:00 (weekdays).

ULisboa Card

The University of Lisbon Card allows access to the University of Lisbon Canteens of the Social Services. It is issued by Caixa Geral de Depósitos Bank, and it is possible to associate a bank account.

You can request it at Saldanha CGD deskPraça de LondresAvenida João XXI (sede) or ULisboa Rectory. 

University of Lisbon Regulations

The ULisboa Code of Conduct and Best Practices, the Letter of Rights and Guarantees and the Disciplinary Regulations for Students are on the following page.

More documents, regulations and information are available here.