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University of Lisbon Regulations

The ULisboa Disciplinary Students Regulations sets the standards of ethics and professionalism that students must maintain when conducting their tasks by defining disciplinary infractions and their sanctions. It is applicable to all students attending any course at the University of Lisbon and all of its organic teaching, research and community service units.

The Code of Conduct and Good Practice is comprised of the set of provisions and rules on whose violations the Disciplinary Regulation is organized, pursuant to Article 27 of the University Statutes, and the disciplinary power of the Rector and the Presidents or Directors of the units of the University, pursuant to Article 28 of these Statutes.

The ULisboa Charter of Rights and Guarantees aims to apply the rights, freedoms and guarantees, enshrined in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and the Law, to the university situation within the limits of regulatory autonomy granted to the University.

University of Lisbon Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsmanis an independent body whose function is to defend and promote the rights and interests of students within the University. The activities of the Student Ombudsman are carried out in conjunction with the pedagogical councils of the Schools, the Social Welfare Services and the student associations, as set out in the respective regulations.