Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Apoio ao Estudante

Junior Engineering Project

Engineers for a Day

In partnership with other universities and companies, Técnico, the founding institution, it’s involved in the project  Engineers for a Day, under the State Secretariat for Citizenship and Equality supervision and coordinated by the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG). The initiative aims to promote equality between men and women in the science, engineering and technology sector. Several visits to different schools are made, with the purpose of promoting an activity, related to an engineering area, composed of 3 moments: a theoretical explanation, execution and a final debate about the theme.

Engineering Challenges

In partnership with the various schools in the municipality of Loures, where one of Técnico’s campi is located, the Technological and Nuclear Campus (CTN), activities are carried out. This aims to stimulate students’ interest in the areas of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Science, bringing them closer to the main areas of study of engineering, and encourage teamwork. With this purpose, we developed an inter-school competition, divided into 3 stages, for 9th grade students, in which, as the competition progresses, the difficulty of each activity increases. It starts with a theoretical test and ends in a round of practical activities. Some of the activities take place at CTN, with sessions for the senior public.

Siemens Project

The Siemens project consists of a protocol between Técnico, Siemens and Filipa de Lencastre High School, in Lisbon. Once again, the objective is to narrow the gap between the 9th grade students of this school and science, through the execution of several practical activities in the area of ​​Chemistry and Physics, that includes a Junior Engineering Competition. In here, students carry out several challenges and scientific projects throughout the school year. The initiative also includes the organization of study visits to Técnico.

Técnico Engineering Challenge

The Técnico Engineering Challenge (TEC) results from a Cooperation Protocol with Colégio Sagrado Coração de Maria, Siemens and Técnico. The main goal is to stimulate 9th year grade students of this school for science, engineering and technology, with the execution of several scientific experiments throughout the academic year in the area of ​​Chemistry, Physics, Electronics and Informatics and in competition format. In the last phase of the challenge, students are invited to develop a final project based on the knowledge acquired during the school year.

Scienie³ Project

Ciência³ is a project resulting from a Cooperation Protocol between various entities, the Union of Parishes of Santa Iria de Azóia, São João da Talha and Bobadela, Técnico, Science4you, the Group of Schools of Santa Iria de Azóia, the Group of São João da Talha Schools and the Bobadela School Group. As part of this project, the NAPE team carries out practical experiences and other scientific activities for young people. The goal is, once again, to stimulate their interest in the engineering area and develop knowledge, in a motivating and interesting approach.