Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Apoio ao Estudante

About NAPE


NAPE (Student Support Unit) is an interface structure between students and the School Governing Offices, in particular in support of the Executive Council.

Brief History:

The creation of NAPE, initially denominated by GAPE – Student Support Office, on December 3rd 1990, resulted from the approval by the Ministry of Education of a Contract-Programme for the Promotion of School Success in Instituto Superior Técnico, granted between Direcção-Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES) and IST, based on the proposal submitted by the institution on the available “Programme to Combat School Failure in Higher Education”. This proposal included the creation of an office / unit for student support.

Main objectives:

The creation of NAPE is based on the following objectives:

  • To promote the relationship between school / student;
  • Strengthen the social component of the institution’s Management Board in relation to the student;
  • Support and promote actions to combat school failure.

School success depends, among other factors, the quality of teaching and students, as well as of their integration and adaptation. As one of the concrete intervention measures in education and student support services, the Management Board has enhanced the activities of NAPE, functioning as a vehicle of information for students and as a tool for their integration at the institution.

In this sense, the intensification of pedagogic activities, support and guidance to students, with an impact during the process of training / education, aiming at the consolidation of quality education in Técnico, systematizes and supports the activity of NAPE.

Main Activities:

The main activities of NAPE may be clustered in two specific areas:

  1. Reception, Integration and Monitoring, in particular freshmen, foreign students and other students entered for the first time in Técnico, by implementing the Mentoring Programme. The Student Support Unit has an active participation in the enrollment process and registration of freshmen, providing them all the necessary support and guidance on their first steps in Técnico. This personal assistance is conducted by the Student Staff and mentors, older students from different courses.
  2. Promotion and advertisement / Admission, by organizing study visits to Técnico and visits to secondary schools, oriented at higher education candidates, and participation in fairs and exhibitions of Science and Technology. For more information, see the following link.