Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Apoio ao Estudante

Student Support

As Student Support Unit, we promote the integration of students and contribute to, if necessary, have the best assistance and follow-up in their academic career. On this page, a list of the several assistance and support services provided is presented as well as useful information for all students.

Important Documents and Administrative Support

There are indispensable consultation documents such as the School Calendar or the Academic Guide, as well as essential documents such as the Técnico Card or the Enrollment Statement. Academic procedures sometimes raise questions and are within the competence of different services. The most important Técnico’s documents and the answer to some of these questions can be found here.

Academic Support


To facilitate the integration and adaptation to the academic day-to-day, we develop the Mentoring Programme, implemented with the collaboration of students of more advanced years (Mentors) who share their academic experiences to new students (Mentees). Mentees may be new Bachelors students, new Masters students or international mobility students.

You don’t have a Mentor?

To have a Mentor, simply send a request to us by e-mail to with the following information about yourself: full name, Técnico ID (student number), Master Degree, phone number and e-mail.

Academic Success and Development

Técnico provides specialized support to study and to improve academic performance throughout the degree. The promotion of academic success in the transition from High School to Higher Education is one of the missions of the Academic Development Unit (NDA), and one of its main initiatives is the Tutorial Programme. NDA provides support in the following areas:

Prescription Academic Achievement Social/Grant support
Time Management Thesis Dissertations Special Educational Needs
Goals Settings Bachelor Changes Project Presentation Coaching

More information can be found on the Academic Development Unit here.

Health and Psychological Support

Health Services provide various clinic specialities, including psychology, on both Alameda and Taguspark campi. Psychotherapy appointments and adult counseling sessions information is available here.

Free nursing services are also available on both campi, which you can call on if you have a minor accident and need light health care. Check the schedule here.

Financial Support / Scholarships

There are several types of financial support offered by Técnico and other entities, including the following scholarship programs:

  • Higher Education Social Action Grants for students with financial needs;
  • Academic Merit Scholarships, designed to recognize and reward students with high academic achievement;
  • Support Grants for students with proven financial needs and who, at the same time, have recognized academic merit.

The main scholarships as well as the supporting entities are listed on this page.


Técnico receives thousands of new displaced students every year, from various zones of Portugal as well as from other countries under mobility programs. In order to provide better support in finding accommodation we have compiled some information on student residences and private accommodation on this page.

Students with Special Educational Needs

Técnico provides support to Students with Special Educational Needs (ENEE), which derive from their temporary or prolonged health condition, who attend our school and who are covered by the Special Needs Student Support Regulation, describing the procedure for applying for status here.

If you don’t find the information you are looking for or the support you need, please feel free to contact us via our e-mail.