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Applications and Admissions

1st Study Cycle

To pursue a Bachelor’s Degree (1st Study Cycle) or an Integrated Master’s Degree (1st  and 2nd Study Cycles), there are several applications, each one associated with the applicant’s condition, current habilitation and age. The National Admission for Higher Education, overseen by the Central Admission Offices for Portuguese Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Science, is meant for students that graduate from High School, having performed, as well, specific national admission exams required to apply for each Técnico course. There are other possibilities to apply, along with a specific number of vacancies and criteria, that are ruled by Técnico itself, such as Course Change and Transfer, Holders of Middle Level or Higher Education Courses or Applicants over the age of 23.

2nd Study Cycle

To pursue a Master’s Degree or 2nd Study Cycle through an Integrated Master’s Degree at Técnico, there are specific applications, overseen by Técnico itself.

International Students

If the applicant does not have Portuguese nationality or from a country in the European Union, there is a specific application to attend this situation, the Special Admission Regime for International Students. All Bachelor’s Degree classes are taught in Portuguese language, although Master’s Degree classes may be taught in English language, should there be international students attending.

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