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Técnico Lisboa seeks to provide all foreign students spending a period of studies at our college with assistance in finding accommodation. Every year there is a limited number of rooms available for mobility students at the university halls of residence. Since this number is far below the number of requests, Técnico Lisboa cannot guarantee that you will get this type of accommodation.

Further to students’ requests, the Student Support Unit decided to make a list of residences with rented rooms. Therefore, through of this list, students may establish direct contact with several accommodation offers and therefore select the opportunities that suit them most.


Instituto Superior Técnico

Instituto Superior Técnico offers three accommodation units with over 300 beds for displaced students: 

  • Residência de Estudantes Eng.º Duarte Pacheco (at Parque das Nações) | 1st and 2nd Study Cycle students
  • Residência de Estudantes Prof. Ramôa Ribeiro (at Taguspark campus) | 1st and 2nd Study Cycle students
  • Residência Universitária Baldaques (near Arroios) | PhD students and professors


Residence’s application for new national students is during the Welcome Week, in September, before the beginning of classes, when enrolling Técnico. For the rest of Técnico’s students who want to maintain or renew their Residence’s room must apply in the previous academic year.

For foreign students in the 1st and 2nd study cycles under mobility programmes or international cooperation should apply directly for accommodation at the Mobility and International Cooperation Office.

Foreign students regularly enrolled in Técnico should apply directly  for accommodation at Accommodation Office website.

University of Lisbon

The University of Lisbon offers a total of 16 student residences for accommodation of their students, in the degrees of Bachelor and Master, which need to be away from their household for attendance of academic activities. 

The total accommodation capacity is 1017 beds, distributed through single rooms, doubles rooms, triples rooms, rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility and double apartments. 

The management of these residences is the responsibility of ULisboa’s central services, so for more information, namely pricing, application deadlines, and access conditions, you should contact:

Other Residences in  Lisbon

In Lisbon, there are other residences to university displaced students. Some of these facilities have no direct relationship with Técnico or ULisboa, but they can also be a good opportunity of accommodation during the academic path.

HouzeStudent Lisbon Fraternity “A Desordem dos Engenheiros”
U.hub Fraternity “Do Santo Condestável”

Other Residences and Room Renting

It is nowadays more common to rent a flat and share it with other students. This is usually more comfortable, since it allows the students more freedom and flexibility, especially in terms of timetables. A possible alternative is that you stay for a few days at a youth hostel or a hotel and find suitable accommodation after your arrival. It’s quite common to find flats for rent all over the city, and the prices vary according to the location or the conditions being offered. 

The best living areas close to Técnico are: Alameda, Arco do Cego, Areeiro, Arroios, Campo Pequeno, Estefânia, Praça de Londres and Saldanha. These areas (marked in the map below) are located within a 15 minute walking distance from Alameda campus.


Nota: As zonas assinaladas não correspondem a freguesias.

Home and Room Search

At Técnico, there are several places for posting advertisements for rooms to rent, namely the scoreboards adjacent to the GA2 amphitheater, in the Main Building of the Alameda campus. Often, our students find opportunities on social media, particularly in groups sharing ad for renting rooms near university.

Houses or flats for rent can be found in newspaper ads or through licensed real estate agencies. The leasing contracts normally are for a minimum of 6 months. At the beginning of the renting, it is common to be asked for a 2 months rent payment in advance, which correspond to the first and the last months’ rent.

Facebook Groups
Alugar quartos IST Lisboa
Alugar quartos ISCTE-IUL Lisboa

Nota: Técnico and NAPE do not have any protocol ou connection with these groups.

There are several companies that are specialized in renting houses and bedrooms to international students. Note that Técnico and NAPE do not have any protocol ou connection with these entities. Some of these platforms are presented next:

Search Plataforms
BQuarto InLife Portugal
Century 21 Onda City
Era Place to Stay
Erasmus Life Lisboa Housing Remax
Erasmus Lisboa Housing Uniplaces
HouzeStudent Lisbon  Custo Justo

Note: This list is ordered alphabetically and is constantly being updated. Interested entities may ask us to be added.

If you have suggestions for our current or future students, with useful information to appear on this page, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to