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Information | Academic Year Start 2020/21

22 of September, 2020

Before you start the school year, there are some important documents you should know about (or ask for, if you are a new students) how:

  • School Calendar and Academic Deadline Calendar
  • Técnico Card and ULisboa Card
  • Enrollment Statement (normal and for discount purposes of sub-23 pass)

Note: The Graduate Area plans to make the Enrollment Statements available during the first weeks of classes, but there is not yet a set date due to the high number of requests.


Academic Activities Running

The general operating rules for classes and evaluations for the 1st Semester 2020/21, in the context of the current pandemic situation, are published on the Pedagogical Council page at:


If you have questions, check the Frequently Asked Questions here.

1st Semester Enrollment

All students, except 1st year students placed in the National Access Aplication, must register for the semester. Mobility students only need to book classes.

  • The enrollment period for the Courses is from September the 15th to 30th, in Fénix.
  • Once enrolled in the courses, you must book Classes (schedule creation), also in Fénix.
  • A support tutorial is available at our Instagram, in story format, in the highlights Tutoriais (english translation avaliable)

Here, are the Management Board information, sent by e-mail to all students, by the Vice-President for the Academic Affairs:

  • The practical and laboratory shifts are organized in A and B, except for those that were not divided at the request of the faculty, namely because their operation will follow particular rules.
  • Shifts A, with students with an odd number, attend in person in odd weeksShifts B, with students with an even number, attend in person in even weeks. This information is present in Fénix.
  • Like what has happened in previous years, there are shifts, divided or not into A and B in Fénix, whose attendance is managed by faculty. It is therefore normal that they cannot be chosen. Attendance to these shifts will be then determined and managed by the faculty, but the rationale of the division between A and B should still be observed.

Management Board received numerous requests from students who intend to change shifts from A to B, or vice versa, and although some of the arguments are understood, they inform that there will be no exceptions given that any exchanges would have to be transversal, and might not be consistent with the current academic organization by each curricular unit, namely when shifts are organized by faculty.

Students in risk situations Statute

There are two new student statutes in Fénix:

  • Online Presence – Authorized
  • Online Presence – Authorized – International Student

Students in risk situation duly proven through medical declaration, or international students who are unable to travel to Portugal, may request one of these statutes, which allow students to participate 100% remotely in teaching activities, by sending the request to the Graduation Area (

Students with one of these statuses are or will be identified in Fénix as such. It is important to bear in mind that the statute can be updated dynamically throughout the semester.

Campi Utilization Rules

  • Use mask permanently in every part of the campi, whether indoor or outdoor.
  • Respect the minimum physical distance of at least 2 meters in all places and situations, as well as the rules of circulation established in the buildings, preferably on the right in the common spaces.
  • Temperature will be measured to all the people who intend to enter the campi. Those with more than 37,5ºC will not be allowed access.
  • No more than 10 people are allowed in any space, regardless of the legal regulations in force, with the natural exception of teaching activities.
  • Hands hygienization before entering buildings/rooms is fundamental.
  • Rooms must always be ventilated, with at least 1 window open in each room.

The Prevention and Action Plan against COVID-19 of Técnico is available here.


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