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ULisboa Summer School

Verão na ULisboa (ULisboa Summer School) is an annual initiative of the University of Lisbon that aims to show and experience the rhythm and spirit of the academic life to students of Elementary and Secondary Schools, during one week in summer. There are programmes in the various schools of the university that address themes in the most varied areas of study. Instituto Superior Técnico has participated in this programme since its first edition in 2011, and offers programmes in each campus, seeking to give the taste and curiosity for Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology, its pillars of knowledge, to its participants.


The ULisboa Summer School is aimed for students in the 3rd cycle Education and students in Secondary Education who want to invest a week of their summer holidays in a relaxed and playful environment with a place for learning.

Applications and registrations are made on the programme page here, and the general regulations are available here.

Any question related to the registration process should be addressed to the Rector’s Office of the University of Lisbon through the following contacts: | +351 210 113 448.


2018/19 Edition

Alameda campus



Throughout each week, each participant will be placed in a team and will have to perform 10 different challenges ranging from Architecture to Civil Engineering, including Chemistry and Biology, Mechanics and Electronics, Mathematics and Computer Science! The activities are prepared and organized by the various groups of students or departments of the Técnico. At the end of the week, prizes will be awarded to the best ranked teams in the summer of the Alameda do Técnico campus.

Week 1 | 1st to the 5th of july
Students that have finished the 10th, 11th or 12th Grade (220 students)

Semana 2 | 8th to the 12th of july
Students that have finished the 7th, 8th or 9th Grade (220 students)

On Thursday afternoon of each week will take place an activity at the University Stadium of the University of Lisbon, where new teams will be formed for a challenging peddy-paper.

Group Monitor

The participants will be distributed among 10 groups of 22 students who will be accompanied by a Group Monitor, a Técnico student, during all activities including lunch, snack and activity at the University Stadium.

In addition to monitoring the activities, it will be given prior training and, at the end of each day, a brief meeting with all Group Monitors will take place in order to do a quick review of the sessions held. Each Group Monitor will be able to participate during one of the weeks, whose recruitment is held before the event. The activity will be remunerated and a certificate of participation will also be provided.

Activity Monitors

In order to promote greater proximity and connection between the participating students and Técnico, the various students’ groups and associations are invited to promote the activities. These should focus on a strong practical component, allowing students to have direct contact with some of the techniques, methods and components used today in the scientific and technological area covered by our School.

On Thursday of each week, at the end of the day, an activity will be held at the University Stadium of Lisbon, in the University City, where there will be outdoor challenges that promote physical activity. Given the nature of this event, each student’s group should ensure the presence of at least one Activity Monitor to support the Group Monitor in moving and boosting the challenges in the University City. It should be noted that this activity may extend until 9pm, with dinner included in the Old Canteen.

All questions related to Group Monitors and Activity Monitors should be addressed to

Taguspark campus



This week, students will have the opportunity to design games, create a supply chain and even build a radio. They will also be able to control a car with an arduino and learn what “smart objects” are and how they will (continue to) change our lives.

Week 1 | 1st to the 5th of July
Students that have finished the 10th, 11th or 12th Grade (80 students)



Immerse yourself in the preparation of a space mission for one week, planning, building and testing a small satellite. In this challenge, students will be able to be part of the ISTsat-1 team and help build the first Portuguese satellite, contacting with space technologies, 3D printing, programming and testing their creativity.

Week 1 | 1st to the 5th of july
Students that have finished the 10th, 11th or 12th Grade (50 students)

Week 2 | 8th to the 12th of july
Students that have finished the 7th, 8th or 9th Grade (50 students)

Scientific coordination

Professor Palmira Ferreira da Silva, Professor Rui Prada and Professor Rui Rocha