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Bachelor programmes and/or Integrated Masters:

Instituto Superior Técnico offers a wide range of Bachelor programmes and Integrated Masters (1st and 2nd cycles, integrated cycle) in various areas of Engineering, Mathematics and Architecture, based on a solid training foundation in physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering sciences.

After completing the Bachelor degree, the students gets the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering and may opt for further study in a master programme, directly enter in the labor market or create their own company. It is noteworthy that only the student will be awarded the degree of engineer (or architect) with the completion of the 2nd cycle, i.e. after the completion of 5 years of study.

Bachelor  – 1st cycle Campus Vacancies MG* 2013 MG2014
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, LEAN Alameda  30 147.3 143.8
Electronics Engineering, LEE Taguspark  34 123.0 120.3
Geological and Mining Engineering, LEGM Alameda  20 134.8 128.8
Industrial Engineering and Management, LEGI Taguspark  65 145.0 147.3
Information Systems and Computer Engineering, LEIC Alameda  170 142.5 146.0
Information Systems and Computer Engineering, LEIC Taguspark  90 131.0 134.5
Materials Engineering, LEMat Alameda  25 135.8 140.3
Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering, LETI Taguspark  55 120.3 123.5
Applied Mathematics and Computation, LEMAC Alameda  35 166.8 166.5

(*) Minimum grade, in a scale of 0 to 200

Master – integrated cycle Campus Vacancies MG* 2013 MG* 2014
Architecture, MA Alameda 50 152.8 158.5
Aerospace Engineering, MEAer Alameda 85 176.0 180.0
Environmental Engineering, MEAmb Alameda 35 144.5 122.5
Biological Engineering, MEBiol Alameda 65 156.0 156.0
Biomedical Engineering, MEBiom Alameda 60 169.8 174.3
Civil Engineering, MEC Alameda 145 122.0 122.8
Electrical and Computer Engineering, MEEC Alameda 220 146.8 147.5
Physics Engineering, MEFT Alameda 60 172.3 174.0
Mechanical Engineering, MEMec Alameda 170 156.8 159.3
Chemistry Engineering, MEQ Alameda 80 150.5 147.5

(*) Minimum grade, in a scale of 0 to 200

For more information about bachelor and integrated master programmes, you can access Técnico’s Education page or contact Student Support Unit’s student staff.

Master Programmes:

A Master degree provides advanced training in specific areas of engineering, science and technology. As one of the largest engineering schools in Portugal, Técnico offers a wide choice of Master programmes that meet the highest scientific and technological challenges of our modern society. This unique training allows students to involve themselves in research activities in Técnico’s centers and research institutes, in close collaboration with professors, researchers and companies.

In addition, through various international partnerships, Instituto Superior Técnico offers the possibility of partial fulfillment of certain Master programmes at an international school, under mobility programs such as TIME, CLUSTER and Double Degree. For more information on international mobility programs, please visit the website of the International Area.

Doctoral Programmes:

In association with national and foreign universities, Instituto Superior Técnico offers several Doctoral programmes covering a broad spectrum of scientific areas, from the traditional to the emerging areas. PhD students actively participate in projects of national and international research, are encouraged to patent the results of their innovative research and are also encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial spirit.